segunda-feira, outubro 16, 2006

Tibetan Refugees Shot by Chinese Soldiers

A caçada aos tibetanos continua, promovendo a diplomacia europeia e mundial a mais uma candidatura à ineficácia do Direito Internacional.

Aqui transcrevo o texto em inglês que, juntamente com a peça que, creio, corre o Mundo inteiro, me chegou da ICT (ver o sidebar do blogue).

"Membership Action Alert on Nangpa Shootings
Dear Tibet friend,

Over the last week you will have seen ICT's detailed reports on the shooting of Tibetans by Chinese military personnel near the Tibet-Nepal border on 30 September. Thus far, ICT can confirm that a 17-year old nun was killed in the incident, as Tibetans fleeing into exile were fired upon while crossing the snowy Nangpa Pass on the refugee route to Nepal. Nine children aged between 6 and 10 years.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the Cho Oyu Mountain advanced base camp and was witnessed by as many as 40 western climbers from various countries. Last week ICT was able to obtain direct eyewitness information from the climbers. By Wednesday ICT had obtained its first photograph from the scene, and by Friday ICT was receiving video footage from a Romanian TV crew that had been filming a climbing team in the region. Watch the video footage of the shootings at

ICT was able to confirm this weekend that the young Tibetan male filmed hiding from the Chinese military in the video footage did indeed reach Nepal safely and is now at the Tibetan Reception Centre in Kathmandu.

ICT has been working hard on this case, both through its field team in Nepal and via its communications and government relations teams, alerting the media, informing on the story and engaging governments to pressure an official explanation from the Chinese government. The Chinese State Media agency Xinhua has said the soldiers acted in self-defence. Video footage of the incident proves that this response to the killing of an unarmed nun and the firing of live ammunition at children as young as 6 is unacceptable!

On 19 October EU officials will meet Chinese officials as part of their bi-annual Human Rights Dialogue. We urge you to contact your MP and your Foreign Affairs Minister to condemn the killings and demand that your government condemn this incident directly to the Chinese government.

Take action at

Thank you for your support!
/The ICT Campaigns Team

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Video Footage at YouTube

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Oxalá, para breve, chegue a libertação!